Make Your Eyebrows Stand Out: Apply Eyeliner and Highlighter

eyebrow highlighter

A lot of people think eyebrows are just there for looks. However, they don’t realize that they have a function too! Eyebrows do more than frame your eyes, they also help keep sweat and debris from getting into them. So if you’re looking for a makeup routine that will make your brows stand out, this is the blog post for you! We’ll be going over how to apply eyeliner and highlighter to highlight those beautiful brows.

Use ultimate eyebrow highlighter

eyebrow makeupThis article is about beauty tips on making your eyebrows stand out with simple steps such as applying eyeliner and highlighting it with a highlighter so they can pop in pictures or selfies. In addition, it contains information on what products are needed and what tools need to be in your makeup bag.

Eyebrows are an important part of your face. However, if they’re not done right, you can end up looking like a clown or, worse – a caricature of yourself. To avoid that disaster and to make them stand out, apply eyeliner and highlighter. Eyeliner draws the eyebrows in with sharp lines, making them look fuller and more defined, while highlighter blends into the skin, creating a shadowed effect with no hair on the brow bone area.  What’s most important when it comes to eyebrow makeup is doing what looks best for your facial features and how you feel about the way they look at you.

How to correctly highlight your brow bone?

Eyebrows are one of the most important features on your face. The frame and define your whole face! Make sure they stand out by using eyeliner and highlighter to make them pop.

  1. Fill in any sparse brows with a pencil or powder that matches your hair color, then brush through with an angled brush to blend it into the hairs.
  2. Use a thin line along the top and bottom of where you want your eyebrows to be (try not to go too close to the edge). Then use a thicker pencil or powder for filling in anything that’s left blank. Finish off by brushing over everything with an angled brush, so it blends well as if you were lightly drawing on eyebrow hairs.
  3. apply eyeliner on the top of the eyebrow
  4. use a highlighter on the bottom part of your brow bone
  5. fill in any sparse spots with a pencil that matches your hair color! If you have dark hair like myself, I recommend using an eye shadow that is darker than my natural hair color to see where I’m filling in sparse areas- this usually ends up looking better anyways.

Eyebrows are important. They frame your face and make you look fierce. But sometimes, it’s hard to tell what shape your eyebrows should be or how they need to be filled in- especially if you’re new to makeup.