So…what’s The Michigan Dream anyway?

The Michigan Dream is the friendly, supportive voice encouraging you to put a little extra effort into your look when getting dressed, and the wing woman helping you interact with women with style and grace. She sounds an awful lot like the wife who loves you, the girlfriend you’re crazy about, or the co-worker you’re desperately trying to hide your crush on at the office.

Bottom line? Great style doesn’t end with the clothes in your closet. A jerk in a great suit is still…well, just a jerk.

A digital handbook for the modern man, at The Michigan Dream we help our audience up their style game and interact with women with more confidence.

The Service

The Michigan Dream offers personal shopping services all online, all for a flat fee. We don’t carry any inventory, meaning we’re able to search every brand and product the internet has to offer—including products on sale or even clearance. There’s a good chance you’ll wind up saving money (or at least breaking even!) by working with The Michigan Dream, AND you’ll walk away with a wardrobe that looks and feels much more personal to your budget, body type, and personal style.

Bottom line?

We don’t carry clothes, and we don’t sell them to you. Instead, our team acts as your own (digital) personal shopper, pulling products from all over the internet and suggesting ways you could incorporate them into your wardrobe if you decide to buy them for yourself. This way, we’re able to offer way more variety than what those other shopping services can…and you wind up with a wardrobe that’s truly just for you.